Success Story:

Company X

Industry: Freight Shipping
Size: 50 Employees
HQ Locations: 2
"Before JKP came on-board, our IT was working well or so I thought.... we were only looking to upgrade our shipbroking & post fixture platform. They did such a great job, we tasked them to investigate our core IT systems. Only to find our IT budget could be cut in half in the first year, and it was! They are now full time and everything they say they can do, will been completed in an instant the first time."

John S. 

Company President

The Status Quo/

As with most business they have hard, and variable IT cost. Website maintenance, IT services, internet, website hosting, telecommunication, and antivirus cost. JKP will take these costs and either negotiate them down using their enterprise agreements or provide them at no cost. Company X is the perfect example of this as you can see the cost savings in the first year. When we say we're not your like your last IT team we mean it. JKP offers all services for a flat rate cost. No need to worry about "blocking hours." When an unforeseen problem arises, don't worry... it's covered. Our goal is to bring the overall cost down while providing superior experience and service.
IT services: $55,000
VMWARE: $5,490
Internet Service Provider: $72,000
Web Hosting: $950
Intranet: $54,000
Mobile: $54,000
Core Apps: $23,400
Spam Filter: $1,320

-$266,160 annually before JKP


Managed IT Service Costs


ISP Related Expenses


Internal System Management


Voice Related Services

Under JKP/

As JKP finished one project it led to the full discovery process. The first items to go were other IT support and vendors. Reducing the labor cost from $55,000 to $41,000. Next up were unused or unneeded services, further reducing the cost. As we began to slim down the services and renegotiate the current contracts, more cost saving came online. Ultimately after all was said and done, Company X saved $147,660 the first year.
IT services: $41,100
Internet Service Provider: $39,600
Web Hosting: $0
Intranet: $36,960
Mobile: $17,400
Core Apps: $12,600
Spam Filter: $0

$118,500 saved annually

The JKP Way/

JKP Technologies Does not trade services and leave the customer with less. Our goal is to consolidate services, lessening the load on total spend. Once implemented, the cost saving can be measured and, you won't lose capacity. Everyone client is different, however, they will be in a better position by choosing JKP. Our clients receive the best Antivirus, a full service IT team, a very manageable IT budget, and one place for all their IT service requirements.

We guarantee your last IT team didn’t do it like this.

Instead of going at it alone or designating a non-technical team member to handle your IT, leverage our expertise, resources, and guidance so you can maximize your time on whats most important.  Running your business.
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