Success Story:

Company Z

Industry: Certified Public Accountants
Size: 25 Employees
HQ Locations: 1
"We need to fill this in with a testimony."

Penny N.


The Status Quo/

Company Z is a great example of a full CPA firm. This customer came to JKP as a referral from an existing client. They were having issues with their existing infrastructure. All their equipment was beyond repair. They knew they had to replace it, however their existing IT wanted 1000’s of labor $’s to replace the systems, and an even larger $ amount for the equipment. They had three servers all performing individual tasks, and a failing phone system. As JKP onboarded, the upfront labor cost was exactly $0. The equipment fees were quoted for 55% less. All of this with a couple of weeks remaining before tax season kicked into high gear.
IT services: $22,000
Phones & Internet: $7,920
Web Hosting: $800
Antivirus & Spam Filter: $2,320

-$33,040 annually before JKP


Managed IT Service Costs


ISP Related Expenses


Web and Spam


Voice Related Services

Under JKP/

JKP procured all the equipment, replaced all the desktops, and consolidated all server technologies into a single manageable platform. On-time, on schedule, and below quoted cost. They are now saving 60% on their phone service and have a reliable platform to lean on. Company X now has a new server, new desktops, new phone system, and a new website, all managed by JKP. Their systems can be accessible from anywhere, as some of their contractors can work from home. Overall, the customer now has everything they require at a fraction of the cost.
IT services: $6,000
Phones & Internet: $1,428
Web Hosting: $0
Antivirus & Spam Filter: $0

$25,612 saved annually

The JKP Way/

JKP Technologies Does not trade services and leave the customer with less. Our goal is to consolidate services, lessening the load on total spend. Once implemented, the cost saving can be measured and, you won't lose capacity. Everyone client is different, however, they will be in a better position by choosing JKP. Our clients receive the best Antivirus, a full service IT team, a very manageable IT budget, and one place for all their IT service requirements.

We guarantee your last IT team didn’t do it like this.

Instead of going at it alone or designating a non-technical team member to handle your IT, leverage our expertise, resources, and guidance so you can maximize your time on whats most important.  Running your business.
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